Thursday, July 30, 2009

One day in savannah ga

Things are falling into place. I wrote an outline, Cayewah wrote a really good letter applying for some funding from the Hodge Foundation of Savannah GA for LOOP IT UP. Peter and Howard have been helping to edit it. All that is left to do now is SOMEHOW get all the essential signatures on it and then send it on in. done done done. This however, is a little trickier than you might think. I am here in Florence Massachusetts. Cayewah is in California. Howard in in Savannah. somehow, between scanners, fax machines and good will, it should all be together in the next few days.

I've been saying for some time now that I will begin the process of writing a philosophy and curriculum for loop it up. lastnight I finally got the idea to do it like an artist book. and then, began writing today:

Loop It Up Savannah. One Day In Savannah GA.
The Savannah Community Materials Collection.
This is my true life’s work.
Molly Green Lieberman, written as tina said, with every fiber of my being

My good friend Kait, an artist, a preschool art teacher, said to me earlier tonight, “I believe that anyone who sees hears feels or knows something and then makes in response to it and then they feel fulfilled and happy, even if it is just for a second, is an artist.”
I have long puzzled over what makes an artist. Or perhaps, more relevantly, what causes someone to believe that they are not an artist?
Most likely, there are many explanations about this, and my purpose is not to analyze or even to discover and address them. However, I can tell you what I have learned from working with the children of Savannah GA. When given the opportunity to become fluent with materials-- to explore, play, look and really see, wonder and eventually make, even the most down- trodden and exhausted child begins to see themselves as an artist.

so thats a start. jenny lewis says: as for those days that act as markers in your life, but inbetween, you can't remember....

and so, pressing on. pressing right on.


Sarah said...

Hey Molly!
Loop It Up sounds like it is doing great!
I have a lot of beads I'd like to donate if you need them. Hope to see you really soon!

Molly! said...

Hi Sarah!
It is going great!
we'd certainly love a bead donation! -- always one of the favorite materials! Maybe we can meet up sometime next week. xo