Monday, December 29, 2008

LOOP IT UP news....

****** Ali + Tajae


I just wanted to post the email that I sent around to the fibers dept concerning loop it up

if you would like to get involved or need more info contact me or check out the blog--

here is the letter:

I'm trying to get a sense of how many people are interested in helping with the Loop It Up Savannah program which we started last quarter. There are several parts of this project with which we could really use your help.

The first is of course, teaching knitting and/or crocheting classes to local kids at the YMCA. I'm still working out logistics, but we will probably structure the class schedule much as we did this past fall. there would be a group which meets mon/wed 4:30-5:45 and another group which meets tues/thurs 4:30-5:45. ideally, teachers would be available on both days in the set... but we can work things out to fit your schedule. Classes are off to a great start and the kids are really really great! we mostly just need more teachers!

If you are unable to help with teaching, but would still like to be part of this project let me know!! We could use help with a handful of things, some even as easy as roling yarn balls! I'm hoping to make some loop it up bags for the kids to store their knitting stuff in-- early on in the quarter, before classes start and also, I would like the incorperate a "stitch diary" componant into the class--- sort of a process book, sketchbook, work book thing for them to get involved in and be proud of................ I'd LOVE some help with ideas for this and with actually putting the books together.

thank you thank you! official sign up sheets will be available when we get back to school, but I'm trying to get the word out nice + early, so that we can really get going with this ASAP. please pass this along to anyone that you think might be interested!

Friday, December 26, 2008

stella, barack obama, late december 2008

i remember that one day when looking at this section of the glorious bayeux tapestry in class, my beloved Pamela Wiley said--
" we may not know how to read latin. we may not know what was happening, the facts of this old time. but I do know what it's like to see a shooting star-- it just stops you in the middle of everything"
the other day i was racing around, getting things together for some little outing or another. NPR was playing and when i was halfway up the stairs at my parents house Barack Obama came on the radio he said:
" hope endures, and somehow there is still a chance for peace in the world"
and i have to tell you, it stopped me, mid staircase, kind of like that shooting star. there are these moments in which I am so filled with the hope and possibility of the days to come. I know in these times that we can feel good about our lives and know that doing our very best is relative and the greatest gift of all.
[and i think i'm not afraid anymore and that i would rather die trying.... so swing me WAY down south.]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a prayer for all the wild hearts, kept caged.

hmmmm. might do a piece called that. maybe even tomorrow. snow snow snow.
keeping us slow + easy.

check out jeremy michael noonan's [new?] site:
could we possibly be cooler? i think not!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"i'm so busy this december..."

it's getting to be that time of year when absolutely everything speeds up a little. it is probably a good thing, it keeps us warm! the first few weeks of december are easy going and then suddenly there are a million things to do, a million old friends to see.......... I've been working at Fort Hill this week, spending a lot of time with some good friends-- big + small. the good thing about being the floating sub is that you get to be with almost EVERY kid at some point!

i can't help it, i have to show you this picture:

.... maybe there is a dixie-band is in the future...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

a fabulous day!!

today was just great! thank you to everyone-- new friends + old-- who came out to see us at the WICK's!! I love you all. The nields, who in the end I did not go to see tonight, say:

i want you to take up all of my time

i want you because you're funny + kind

i want easy people, from now on...........

also in the world of wonder: Zeytin's BEAUTIFUL little brother Ronan was born the other day!!!!!

hooray hooray. much love and stay warm warm. i know you will because of all the love in your hearts.

Friday, December 12, 2008


hey gang---

all is well in trunkshow land....

the show is tomorrow!!

11am- 4pm 59 massasoit street northampton--- the WICK's house!!
***there will be a neighboring show at Lynn Madison's big orange house.... right across the street! 12-5pm
more local art! more good friends!
good news:
1. rachel wick just got into SMITH!!!
2. jenny scheerer is soon to have baby # 2!!
3. the nields + the black rebels are playing at the IRON HORSE tomorrow night.... NOT together, but at 7 + 10 pm respectivly. I hope to go to both. I hope you come too! [ "we're gonna laugh and we're gonna dance. I'm gonna hold you like my only chance..."]
4. it's december, we're getting a new deal for christmas and everything is going to be just fine!!
5. BARACK OBAMA!!! I'm still not over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. the show! tomorrow! see you then!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


things i have loved, i'm aloud to keep

Monday, December 8, 2008


jenny lewis says:

if i run up hill, i'm out of breath.

if i spend all my money, then i've got no money left.

if i put all my chips on only one bet, then i'm all in....

[I've been running up the hill ourside my parent's house with Riva lately and keep thinking about that!]

we've made it thru our first weekend of shows. both were a big success-- many friends and much art passed along!

I've finally realized that I have indeed made a lot of work, enough for this coming weekend too. I'm also realizing that this new one-class-a-quarter plan means TRUE slowing down, TRUE leaving the rat race, TRUE living + feeling + being. I feel absolutely renewed, in the sense of "give me a clean heart. give me a clean heart. give me a clean heart, may i be born a new"

i have a million letters to send, emails to write up and bills to pay, but today is one of those fabulous specimins of a day when I know in my heart that everything will be okay.

there is another jenny lewis song that says : if you want better things, than i want you to have them.

I think that at a certain point we must say this to ourselves, and then commit to figuring out how to have those better things.... you do, in the end, have to look for your life.
my good friend Betsy played my her favorite jump little children song, a few years back now. the most stunning part of it goes: in the cathedrals of new york and rome, there is a feeling that you should just go home + spend a lifetime figuring out just where that is.
so here we go, n'est-ce pas?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

new card! + progress notes

this is the new card!!! it just arrived today along with some postcards which will be FOR SALE!!!!! at the shows! everything is going well. I've spent this week

1) in a relaxed sort of production mode. I figured out that it helps me to stay calm, organized, on track + happy if I make some sort of a production plan. this time, it has been editions of ten .... I've been making 10 of everything--- for the most part----- sometimes you know, 9! it's made the whole process feel a lot more managable. and way more fun.

2) visiting with old friends. at williston, at fort hill, at the campus school. also at woodstar + essentials. this town is a great place to be.

here is the list of goodies for the show:
- note cards (digital printed cards/postcards, quilt notes, little love notes + NEW: gift tags!! little bit of india cards!! )
- knit hats, scarves
-needle books (know a sewer? need a place for your pins and needles?)
- table runners
- coasters
- knit birds!
- magnets
- fine art!!!! [original embellished surfaces + digital prints!]
-earrings [some by MIM!!!]
-BAUTIFUL books by Janelle!!

weeeeeee haw. back to it. I hope to see you all this weekend!