Friday, December 26, 2008

stella, barack obama, late december 2008

i remember that one day when looking at this section of the glorious bayeux tapestry in class, my beloved Pamela Wiley said--
" we may not know how to read latin. we may not know what was happening, the facts of this old time. but I do know what it's like to see a shooting star-- it just stops you in the middle of everything"
the other day i was racing around, getting things together for some little outing or another. NPR was playing and when i was halfway up the stairs at my parents house Barack Obama came on the radio he said:
" hope endures, and somehow there is still a chance for peace in the world"
and i have to tell you, it stopped me, mid staircase, kind of like that shooting star. there are these moments in which I am so filled with the hope and possibility of the days to come. I know in these times that we can feel good about our lives and know that doing our very best is relative and the greatest gift of all.
[and i think i'm not afraid anymore and that i would rather die trying.... so swing me WAY down south.]


Anonymous said...

I hope you know how much I love you...

YOU are a shooting star!

Keep lighting up the world and shining bright.

I miss that smile!

<3 TIna

Molly! said...

Oh Tina!!
I miss you too!!!
wish we were in the same place, some great day down the road we will be. I'm pretty sure of it!!