Thursday, December 4, 2008

new card! + progress notes

this is the new card!!! it just arrived today along with some postcards which will be FOR SALE!!!!! at the shows! everything is going well. I've spent this week

1) in a relaxed sort of production mode. I figured out that it helps me to stay calm, organized, on track + happy if I make some sort of a production plan. this time, it has been editions of ten .... I've been making 10 of everything--- for the most part----- sometimes you know, 9! it's made the whole process feel a lot more managable. and way more fun.

2) visiting with old friends. at williston, at fort hill, at the campus school. also at woodstar + essentials. this town is a great place to be.

here is the list of goodies for the show:
- note cards (digital printed cards/postcards, quilt notes, little love notes + NEW: gift tags!! little bit of india cards!! )
- knit hats, scarves
-needle books (know a sewer? need a place for your pins and needles?)
- table runners
- coasters
- knit birds!
- magnets
- fine art!!!! [original embellished surfaces + digital prints!]
-earrings [some by MIM!!!]
-BAUTIFUL books by Janelle!!

weeeeeee haw. back to it. I hope to see you all this weekend!

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