Sunday, November 30, 2008

a couple of shows!

back in MA, things are looking pretty great. good friends + good work to be done. my Mom and I and doing a series on shows!

DECEMBER 6+7th [9:30am -4:30pm] big brother big sisiter craftsfair at the Northampton High GYM!! MARSHA will be selling work (and it is all just BEAUTIFUL!!) at booth # 59

DECEMBER 7th [9am- 1:30 pm] group home show at the Baskin/Buttenwieser house!
46 Franklin Street Northampton. here is the official flyer should be pretty neat!

AND {this will be truly awesome!} DECEMBER 13th [11am-4pm] the TRUNKSHOW / HOLIDAY SALE 2008! at he home of our most beloved WICKS! 59 Massasoit Street NORTHAMPTON. post cards are on the way to many of you (freshly and wonderfully printed by PARADISE COPIES!)
I've finally started working......................... there WILL actually be work at these shows!

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