Monday, December 14, 2009

oh yeah, the rest of our lives!

So, despite the blizzard yesterday we had our second trunkshow. It was lovely. Katherine First came and played her fiddle. It was a wonder.

Today we have been layin low, cleaning the house, walking the dogs, trying to get everthing ELSE in our lives back together!

Most importantly for me, it's time to work on the LOOP IT UP SAV book!
I've been doing some research and thinking about it, and I think that we will make a small edition of hand made books (me and the kiddos) and then print an edition of oh, say 100 which can also come with us to ACC Baltimore.

Here are a few wonderful things and then I'm going to have to sign off for the day:

1. Brandi Carlisle who we LOVE in 526 sings, "just when you think you've had enough, your dreams come true."

2. James!

3. Peter Doliber, director of my YMCA and dear dear friend/ visionary just wrote to me, "both respect and esteem are built. But I am way more concerned with respect."

4. Isolina says, "we may not be able to love you enough to fill the void... but shit, we'll try."

5. Bub and Lu sleep on. soon i will to.

Monday, December 7, 2009

suddenly december

It was been a while!

I have been...

- packing up the house and prepping for MA

- moving materials around at the YMCA

- running around like mad, making up for a stolen phone - yes, the night before the long drive.... naturally

- driving up 95 with Riva and Lucy (cayewah's pup) for 9 hours, stopping in with Joellen and Jason for the night, driving 10 more hours thru the rain and fog

- Arriving in Northampton. Florence actually.

- Snuggeling

- Binding quilts and embellishing mittens

- doing trunkshow # 1 - went very well (here is Lulu, we did the show at his house)

- making doggie jackets

- knitting (basking in loving admiration for the importance of making)

I'm up in MA, taking good care.
Making, trying to keep my dogs and myself pretty warm.

Everything is going very well. We are most certainly on vacation, despite the ever epic lists. The days are less full and the freezing-ness is making me drink more tea and wear thicker socks.