Tuesday, September 29, 2009

one long continuous thread

(this is for Eden)

Quite a long time ago, Cayewah brought up the idea of a continuous thread. A thread that is so central to our thoughts and works and wonderings that it appears in everything that we ever make or do or say.

There is this (perhaps idealistic) idea that if we all were absolutely true to our selves and did exactly what we felt we really should, we would create a place that was harmonious.

I like to think about everyone having a long red continuous thread that they hold onto, and follow thru the maze of it all.

Monday, September 21, 2009


listening to this:
1. la viva vida - coldplay
2. Bizarre love triangle - New Order
3. Paper planes - M.I.A
4. THE NEW REGINA SPEKTOR ALBUM - especially tracks 1 + 4.

"come and open up your folding chair next to me.........."

Friday, September 18, 2009


I feel perfectly calm until I think of the dozen or so people who I have neglected to call back in the past week. I love you. it has been a little bit of a constant week here in savannah GA.
School started, History of Fabric is good and more reading than I think I have managed to do in the past 3 years!
La La LOOP is marching right along! Jill and Lynz came over to the Y on tuesday and the kids all said " how come you all got that thing in your nose....???" -- referring to all three of our noses being pierced and indeed, having something in them! Cayewah refers to our house as the "pierced nose palace"

I've started up working at the store again too... it has been real fun to reconnect with everyone there. Especially my buddy Jerry who is now the assistant store manager. I am of course always going on + on about Loop It Up and I learned the other day that Jerry started a whole LIBRARY in Tennessee with simmilar intentions as LOOP! He used to manage a Barnes and Noble store. At may book stores, when a book or magazine "expires" they tear off the cover and throw out the body of the book. YIPES! sounds terrible, but it is routine policy in the US of A. Jerry got permission from BN and began saving the coverless books. He began sending them to kids who read the books, and then drew covers of their own! Eventually, they built an entire library which is housed in a prison some where in rural Tennessee.
I am reminded again of this movie which I still haven't seen that Marie Frank told me about --- The Gleaners and Me -- about those of us who live or work off of the things that other people leave behind.

So, we'll be easy from now on.

I am hoping that the coming week is made of well spent days. I am pretty certain that it will be.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Topo Sunshine

Keeping me on track in the studio...

Monday, September 14, 2009

1-2-3 Vacation's OVER!!!!

Today was the first day of school, here in Savannah GA. Lynsey and I successfully made it to our 8am History Of Fabric Class. I'm pretty excited about it, Pam once said to me that History of Fabric is just a collection of stories about people and their fabrics.

I spent this afternoon at the YMCA, starting to get things organized. I'm trying to get all the 2009-10 Loop It Up promo stuff done THIS WEEK! we just got our very own email address: looplinktangle@gmail.com - this will also be the address for the materials center.

The Y is doing this really great thing. It's called KaBOOM! Design a PLAYGROUND. It's a program thru Home Depot, the kids get to draw and design their own playground and the materials are donated by Home Depot. AND then in one day a volunteer crew comes to build it!

Look at this AWESOME picture of Kendra!

And cute little Vandell in the background!

When I got back here a few weeks ago, Peter at the Y said to me, "welcome home."
My heart will never be homeless. that is for gosh dang golly golly sure.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ready. set . go

well, back to school tomorrow.

since I've been down here, I have taken something much closer to a vacation that I thought possible. splendidly relaxed. (for once!)

We're all here, lynz-o, jilly + me and the Dogs. Jill's sweet boyfriend Dom -- "helpful Dom", has been visiting for a week. We've been having a blast, setting the place up, making big dinners, watching silly movies like ENCINO MAN -- check it out if you're in the mood to see something which was CLEARLY made between 1987 and 1994! making some stuff, working a little at the store... ya know, mellowly being here.

tomorrow = ready set go. school, making, writing, organizing the Savannah Materials Collection!

Fiest sings about making a home from a rented house and that is how our lives go right now.

you'll have to come by and be in it!