Tuesday, June 30, 2009


****here is one of Flannery's twin nephews, snoozing with a little bird.

teaching as usual, getting ( a little) ready to leave Savannah in a few days, trying not to feel panicked.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

oh my golly

Less than one week before I leave Savannah and head to Northampton for a while!!! I'm excited to go up, but leaving here is always hard to do. I've so far this weekend, I've been trying to finish up everything that I've started and not gotten to complete.... going okay, some what productive.

Also, getting ready for the last week of teaching at country day. this week, it's an artist book class! EXCITING!
I'm about to go supply shopping. The amazing thing is that I hardly need to buy anything! I have so many donated materials and found reusables that the list of things that need to be purchased, it quite slim!

On that note, I'm starting to work on the beginnings of a new component to LOOP IT UP. it will be called the Savannah Community Materials Co-op. We need to start some sort of center to collect, house and distribute materials. These materials can then be shared by various art programs in town.

I (remarkably enough!) started a facebook group! check it out.

also, a cool link : http://www.make-stuff.com/recycling/

Sunday, June 21, 2009

House Guests!

***The Wiley Boys (Goodie + Topo!) making them selves right at home.

The Boys are staying with us for a week this summer while Pamy is away with her family and then they'll be back in the fall when she goes to france with the department. lucky us!!!

Bub loves being around a couple of sweet pups who are as mellow as she is!

It was another good week at Country Day, this time teaching a paper sculpture class!

On the first day everyone made "a place" out of paper.

Wyatt's neignborhood

Shannon's Garden

Gabe's Factory

Austin's little house with a fence around it!

Evan's Playground, with swings that actually swing.

On tuesday everyone made a jack-in-the-box. the bulk of the morning was spent figuring out how to make a container that would stay closed.

Morgan decorating her box with some block printed elephants!

can you make a structure that will keep a raw egg from breaking if we drop it from the two stories up?????


Gabe got very involved with this project, he worked quietly all morning, without talking to any of the other kids.

"these round tubes are going to be the shock absorbers, they catch some of the bang when it hits and I drop it. The long wing things are like second absorbers that fly out to slow it down and then make it better when it hits. The egg goes in the bed on top of it."

Gabe and Sarah Beth getting ready to drop!


Did it break?? did it break?

oh yay! it worked!!!

Evan and Josecline get teady to drop!

oh bum,it broke!

Everyone looking cute, with my lovely assistant Sarah Beth!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


in the cute little studio,

in our beautiful new house,

I've FINALLY started making some new work
this is the first piece in what I hope will be a series about knowing things by heart.

this is how you make a stranger into a loved one

I think that it might be sort of hard to see, but it's made of bamboo batting sewn seams-out with some japanese fabric and some indian fabric with apparent red stitching.

I just found this cool fabric in Jill's collection (which she very wonderfully said I could pick thru!!!)

I think this will be in the next one..... could I finish typing this and run home to work on it fast enought??? probably not!

Monday, June 15, 2009


well, I've yet again become "Miss Molly"... teaching in a fun summer arts program at the wonderful Savannah Country Day School.

Last week I was assistant teaching in Lori Corbus' drawing class in the mornings. We had a very colorful group of 7-12 year olds! It was really interesting for me to be in a situation where children are given very structured projects, because I think that most of the places that I've been -- as a kid, or as a teacher, have had fewer apparent guidelines. I didn't realize that I have been living in a reggio world as much as I have been!!
***see these links to read about reggio: http://www.education.com/reference/article/Ref_Fundamentals/

One of the projects that Lori did was to hand out line drawings traced from either Grant Wood's American Gothic or Van Gough's Starry night
The kids were encouraged to color them in their own way using oil pastels and colored pencils.

Here is Austin's American Gothic

I love the way he colored her dress. Austin has a lot of energy and is an exceptionally free thinker. it's hard for him to follow the rules. This means that he is also a pretty fabulous artist who brings his own little flare to everything that he makes!
... here he is working on it

and again with his buddy Zachery!

In the afternoons, I tought a GREEN SCULPTURE class. I sent a letter to the parents asking each child to bring a collection of found materials to the first day of camp. Also we sent out this link to a great story about working with found materials--

On Monday my students cam in with bags and boxes bulging with stuff. we sorted everything out... here is a little bit of it:

I brought in an Alexander Calder book. Everyone was particularly interested in his CIRCUS

Zachery said, "It looks like he made this whole thing out of little stuffs that he just had. or he just found and thought, oh yeah... I could use this to make this really really amusing circus made of stuff."

We decided to make a museum, with a space departement

A zoo

Little Betty's animal house

And a worm house!!

here is Wormy himself, hanging out in the living room!

Mikayla said, "my cheeta doesn't actually look like a real cheeta." Alyssa replied, "that's okay. actually it's better because if it looked real it wouldn't be as creative." how splendid, don't you think?!?

This week I'm teaching a cute little paper sculpture class in the mornings and then I have the afternoons off to do some work in our new studio!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Senior show, moving....UPdates!

These are the postcards from the fibers senior show which was BEAUTIFUL + last week!

We're all moved in!!! Lynsey, Jill, Dom, Derrick, TJ, Inu and + spent a very HOT muggy sunday moving into our new place! I have a few things over at the old house still, but for the most part we're all done! Perhaps the very best part of the house-- aside from that it is OURS!! is that we have a studio! in which I plan to get to work, at long last!

My good friend Flannery has moved in for a few weeks while she works on a special project! GET THIS: Andre Leon Tally-- editor in chief of VOGUE came thru durring the fibers senior show and loved all the work. As it all pans out, he is taking Flannery, Lizzie, Iona and Cherise along with Cayewah to NY to meet Vera Wang, Ruben and Isabel Toledo and other fashion people..... OH MY!
I guess you really never know what is going to happen next!!