Sunday, June 21, 2009

House Guests!

***The Wiley Boys (Goodie + Topo!) making them selves right at home.

The Boys are staying with us for a week this summer while Pamy is away with her family and then they'll be back in the fall when she goes to france with the department. lucky us!!!

Bub loves being around a couple of sweet pups who are as mellow as she is!

It was another good week at Country Day, this time teaching a paper sculpture class!

On the first day everyone made "a place" out of paper.

Wyatt's neignborhood

Shannon's Garden

Gabe's Factory

Austin's little house with a fence around it!

Evan's Playground, with swings that actually swing.

On tuesday everyone made a jack-in-the-box. the bulk of the morning was spent figuring out how to make a container that would stay closed.

Morgan decorating her box with some block printed elephants!

can you make a structure that will keep a raw egg from breaking if we drop it from the two stories up?????


Gabe got very involved with this project, he worked quietly all morning, without talking to any of the other kids.

"these round tubes are going to be the shock absorbers, they catch some of the bang when it hits and I drop it. The long wing things are like second absorbers that fly out to slow it down and then make it better when it hits. The egg goes in the bed on top of it."

Gabe and Sarah Beth getting ready to drop!


Did it break?? did it break?

oh yay! it worked!!!

Evan and Josecline get teady to drop!

oh bum,it broke!

Everyone looking cute, with my lovely assistant Sarah Beth!

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