Sunday, June 28, 2009

oh my golly

Less than one week before I leave Savannah and head to Northampton for a while!!! I'm excited to go up, but leaving here is always hard to do. I've so far this weekend, I've been trying to finish up everything that I've started and not gotten to complete.... going okay, some what productive.

Also, getting ready for the last week of teaching at country day. this week, it's an artist book class! EXCITING!
I'm about to go supply shopping. The amazing thing is that I hardly need to buy anything! I have so many donated materials and found reusables that the list of things that need to be purchased, it quite slim!

On that note, I'm starting to work on the beginnings of a new component to LOOP IT UP. it will be called the Savannah Community Materials Co-op. We need to start some sort of center to collect, house and distribute materials. These materials can then be shared by various art programs in town.

I (remarkably enough!) started a facebook group! check it out.

also, a cool link :

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