Sunday, May 8, 2011

taking a breath

my non-work life has been needing a little TLC.
this weekend I was able to take a little breather...

I hung up a beautiful print by my friend Janelle Proulx and a pretty glass lantern that Amy Darlene Fairly gave me a few birthdays ago. (and now I like my bathroon a lot better.)

I did ALL of my laundry and made the bed.

home made pizza! complete with some fresh rosemary and parsley from Cookie Tenenbaum's garden.

And Riva got a nice bath... much to her dismay while it was happening, but she feels pretty good now!

* * *

Its important to take a deep breath sometimes. Especially when your life tends to look like this at the end of any given day.....

all good things, but my goodness, what a lot of them!

this weekend has felt very good.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pillowcases for sale!

pillowcases for sale, $38 per set!
pick from these or design your own!
xo xo xo xo

pillowcases for sale, $38 per set!
pick from these or design your own!
xo xo xo xo


Sunday, May 1, 2011

time for some sunny weather

I have been inspired by this blog (this moment project),

by a timeless day at the beach with Addison and by my relentless schedule to make

time for one solid 100% not work/ getting things done related activity each week.

I love my job, I really do. But we were not made to be machines. When our schedules become so tightly packed that even the most delicious job of teaching art becomes tiresome, we should take the hint... its time to take a break, its time for some sunny weather.

I took care of Addison a lot when she was a baby and have just recently started spending time with her and her dear, wonderful family again.

This is how we spent the evening...

oh, happy girl!