Friday, June 20, 2008


I just checked out the AMAZING ReproDepot of Easthampton MASS. This little wonder of a shop is owned by Djerba Goldfiner, who is the mother of one of my preschoolers--- EVA! I just looked up the website........ totally fAB fabrics, ribbons, books + supplies.........

here are a few highlights:

BUSY BIRDS (need I say pillowcases are on the way?!?)

Kaffe fassett's PINKING FLOWERS--- I've used a different colorway of this very same pattern--- LOVE LOVE LOVE these two though!

A BRILLIANT Merimekko! reminds me of one of our recent fiber grads, emily cox--- see link on the side!

ALSO the shop seems to have amazing books, like this one of Nickolas Muray's portraits of Frida Kahlo:

well, as my friend George would say, we all know where I'm going when the next paycheck comes in. .....

Friday!! AT LAST!!

well, it is at last friday. I am quite jubilant. today is going just swimmingly at the preschool. it all began with an early morning dress up and dance around the classroom to the nutcracker by Michael+ Eli.......... very cute. (who cares if it's almost summer solstice?) we then spent the entire morning outside, a perfect way to spend this second to longest day of the year.

When I woke up this morning I felt as though I had gotten some of my fire back. I have been feeling a little run down lately, pretty normal with all the moving around and change in the last few weeks---- but still very nice when it finally passes by! This weekend will be a work weekend, that is my own work that I'm just dying to do...... also, YOGA class. which I have sorely (quite literally!) missed. I'm hoping to finish a bunch of birds and get a group of notecards done. I've also been toying witht he idea of placemats. making them out of the same basic structure as the quilt notes...... wellllllll, more to come later. pictures, too.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

business cards!!!

well, what a while it has been. I've been quite busy with the preschool and as much summer production as I can possibly muster....... many little birds and many grand plans and that is about it so far. BUT: today I finally finished the business card design, I will have it printed and in my hands by the middle of next week!! here is a lil sneak preview:

exciting stuff+ evolution for betty+isabel.

alright, lunch break ia all but over. more later, and pictures of it all to come! xoxo

Monday, June 9, 2008


a productive morning on etsy, to be sure! I have FINALLY posted some items! just stationary so far. more to come soon. check it out:

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I told you it would happen!

Monday Monday

well, here in Florence MASS!

it has been a lovely weekend of r+r, hanging out with my family and old friends. So much big news! three sets of friends are getting married!!!!!! what a thrill + a huge hooray for Caitlin + Zeke, Jen+ Dan and Nora + Jen. They're all a-glow and real excited.

So, tomorrow I start working at the preschool, should be great-- there are so many old friends there... some of the best kids on earth, when you really get down to it.

Today, I'm just getting my ducks in a row. organizing supplies, setting up a studio, paying bills, catching up on phone calls and the such. Riva got a tick in one of her legs and I can't get it out, so I'm bringing her in to the vet in a few hours. (the same vet that I brought COUNTLESS hamsters into back in the day...)

I know I've said it before, but the website IS coming!

love love love+ happy monday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

green tea + the room with a view

Utopia's Equation by Jessica Rogers this beautiful painting is sitting here in my house.

today is thrusday, I woke up at 6:11 am..... not at all unusual these days. Drinking tea + laying with Riva in my bedroom, which is all set to be Jessie's room for the summer. We sometimes refer to this room as "the room with a view," it looks out on 35th street. Good things happen here. I have fallen in love with this house, this neighborhood, this set of things that make up a regular day. My Dad will be here any minute, can hardly wait! next time I write, it will probably be from Massachusetts.

here are some new discoveries:

1) good music: Begonias by Caitlin Cary+ Thad Cockrell
2) good food: inari sushi (thin, marinated tofu wrapped around rice + sea weed), oatmeal with peanut butter, fresh limeade at the Bean
3) fun movies: Sex + the City, Mama Mia (coming soon, I'm thrilled!)
4) good mechanic in Savannah: A+D Automotive on skidaway road. (owned by some friends of my roommate Laura)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hmmm... I seem to be in Savannah. STILL!

WHELL! I'm writing to you for the first time ever from my own bedroom!! Jess is all set up in here for the summer, with a computer! what a treat! today has been quite a hoot so far. everything was going great and according to schedule except for the mysterious illumination of my CHECK ENGINE light, which happened last night driving home from my friend Nikki's house. I figured that the lights coming on probably had something to do with my oil being changed yesterday....... but I brought the car in this morning just to be sure. (darn good thing, too!) It turns out that all sorts of (MAJOR) things are going wrong in there... loose belts and and a faulty engine. OY VEY. It seems that the engine needs replacing and the whole car might take a weeks worth of work. oh mama..... and it may not be worth it anyways, old car that it is. SO, it looks like a new car is on the way (just what our check book wanted to hear, right?!?) My DAD is flying down tonight to help figure out the best course of action. I was rather worked up at first, and then I realized--- after I came inside from this 105 degree day--- that it is really really alright. it really is. I'm going to spend this day chilling out because there is ABSOLUTELY nothing else for me to do at this point and it will be wonderful.

more to come later. be well, be happy, feel good about yourself + this moment in june.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When I think about leaving Savannah, I get a little choked up

Above are the remaining few of the birds that I knit for my three-d fibers final.... Some of them flew away with my friends Brooke, Chris, Laura, Jeanne and Cayewah. (sometimes friends are so dear that I can't stand to be away from them and giving a little piece that we made with out hands makes it a little easier.) So, I'm leaving Savannah tomorrow around 11am. Leaving this place is one of the saddest things that I ever do. I keep reminding myself that I get to come back here + rebuild my home and go to all the places that I love the very best.

This past week has been a whirl, such a whirl that I can hardly believe that everything which has happened could be contained in one single week. Last friday was the Fibers Senior show, which was a splendid event. I didn't take any pictures, because there were so many people to talk to and fabulous things to look at. Sometimes, I think that it is better to not take any pictures--- and just to be THERE, rather than so focused on constructing imaged to remeber it by. But let me tell you about it. the show took place in a beautiful old house on West Park Street and every little corner and room was just full of work by our seniors. (all 3o of them!!!!)

The next day began the mad dash to move everyone in and out of our house. we have some friends subletting for the summer, so there has been quite a lot of chaos and rearainging. The place is starting to come together again, which is great. (But it doesn't look like OUR house, which is so strange and overwhelming.) I think that I may be nearing the end of my back+forth era. It would make me very happy to just be fully settled, one place or another. I get really disoriented with all the switching about.

Anyway, this morning, my friend Jess and I went to the beach+ just lay out for a while. this was so lovely and made us both feel a little more grounded. There is no place more comforting and dependable than the beach.

so, I set out tomorrow. Riva's first road trip. I'm real excited about everyone in Northampton getting to meet her! This summer will be filled with preschool, trunk shows and the Boltwood Market.

(+when I think of all that, leaving my sweet city behind for a while really doesn't seem so bad.)