Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hmmm... I seem to be in Savannah. STILL!

WHELL! I'm writing to you for the first time ever from my own bedroom!! Jess is all set up in here for the summer, with a computer! what a treat! today has been quite a hoot so far. everything was going great and according to schedule except for the mysterious illumination of my CHECK ENGINE light, which happened last night driving home from my friend Nikki's house. I figured that the lights coming on probably had something to do with my oil being changed yesterday....... but I brought the car in this morning just to be sure. (darn good thing, too!) It turns out that all sorts of (MAJOR) things are going wrong in there... loose belts and and a faulty engine. OY VEY. It seems that the engine needs replacing and the whole car might take a weeks worth of work. oh mama..... and it may not be worth it anyways, old car that it is. SO, it looks like a new car is on the way (just what our check book wanted to hear, right?!?) My DAD is flying down tonight to help figure out the best course of action. I was rather worked up at first, and then I realized--- after I came inside from this 105 degree day--- that it is really really alright. it really is. I'm going to spend this day chilling out because there is ABSOLUTELY nothing else for me to do at this point and it will be wonderful.

more to come later. be well, be happy, feel good about yourself + this moment in june.

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