Friday, June 20, 2008


I just checked out the AMAZING ReproDepot of Easthampton MASS. This little wonder of a shop is owned by Djerba Goldfiner, who is the mother of one of my preschoolers--- EVA! I just looked up the website........ totally fAB fabrics, ribbons, books + supplies.........

here are a few highlights:

BUSY BIRDS (need I say pillowcases are on the way?!?)

Kaffe fassett's PINKING FLOWERS--- I've used a different colorway of this very same pattern--- LOVE LOVE LOVE these two though!

A BRILLIANT Merimekko! reminds me of one of our recent fiber grads, emily cox--- see link on the side!

ALSO the shop seems to have amazing books, like this one of Nickolas Muray's portraits of Frida Kahlo:

well, as my friend George would say, we all know where I'm going when the next paycheck comes in. .....

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