Thursday, June 5, 2008

green tea + the room with a view

Utopia's Equation by Jessica Rogers this beautiful painting is sitting here in my house.

today is thrusday, I woke up at 6:11 am..... not at all unusual these days. Drinking tea + laying with Riva in my bedroom, which is all set to be Jessie's room for the summer. We sometimes refer to this room as "the room with a view," it looks out on 35th street. Good things happen here. I have fallen in love with this house, this neighborhood, this set of things that make up a regular day. My Dad will be here any minute, can hardly wait! next time I write, it will probably be from Massachusetts.

here are some new discoveries:

1) good music: Begonias by Caitlin Cary+ Thad Cockrell
2) good food: inari sushi (thin, marinated tofu wrapped around rice + sea weed), oatmeal with peanut butter, fresh limeade at the Bean
3) fun movies: Sex + the City, Mama Mia (coming soon, I'm thrilled!)
4) good mechanic in Savannah: A+D Automotive on skidaway road. (owned by some friends of my roommate Laura)

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happydespina said...

hey button! this is despina and i have a new online thing! i hope you don't mind that i put you on my roll. i miss you!