Friday, May 23, 2008

post new york

New York was wonderful, such a nice combo of working the show and wandering the city. I stayed with some old + dear friends of my parents, right around the corner from the Javitts Center. here is a shot of our booth at SURTEX.... and there is Karin hanging things up!
It was really interesting to talk to all sorts of industry people and see what is going on in the surface design world. we made a lot of good connections with companies looking to hire young designers and artists, which are sure to come round and provide great opportunities for the sweet folks in the fibers department. here are Pam +Cayewah, shortly after we learned that the SCAD ICFF booth was going to win an award (Best Design School!!! hooray hooray) how wonderful to be recognized for doing truly good work. we are all exceptionally proud. here is a picture of the ICFF booth as well.........
Home in Savannah, the SCAD fashion show was a sweeping success, and was particularly praised for the STUNNING nano-felted backdrop by David Frank, a huge success + beautiful piece of work. check out this link to see some pictures:
also, there are pictures and videos of the process on the fibers dept. blog which is in the link column on the left. FIBER FIBER FIBER. well, I have to go do some errands and then FINALS. OY VEY. but life is undeniably, very good.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, I'm sitting in the savannah library, on route to the bank..... which isn't yet open. Everything is just about ready to go, my flight leaves at 1pm and Nikki and I arrive in NY at 3. (I've never had a direct flight before---- thank you SCAD!!) we have the rest of today to hang around and get settled. Tomorrow we will spend the day setting up our booth and learning the ropes of the show. and then my family arrives (weeeeeeeeeeee) I'm thrilled for everyone to meet eachother, it's so odd that my family and all these wonderful, dear scad people have never met!

I will be spending about half of each day working the show, and the other half will be just mine to walk around and relax. This is sort of serving as my vacation I think..... take it when it falls in your lap, i guess.

Jess and I just had the most delicious cranberry orange scones at the bean. I think that I need to find some new scone recipes when I get back. in the mean time, here is a really easy banana bread that I've been making everytime we have mushy bananas:

-pre-heat to 350
2 cups four
1/2 cup sugar
tea spoon baking soda
pinch of salt
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter
3 mashed bananas
dash of vanilla extract
some finely ground walnuts, if you have them around.

pour into a pan and bake for 1 hour. it's best if you let it cool and settle a while before eating it..... yum.

much love and here's to many adventures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brooke Day

It's Brooke's Birthday!!!!!!! Chris and I are meeting (in secret!) make her a spinach pie at 2:00. hopefully she won't read this too soon!!!

here is the recipe:
-2 cups of chopped spinach
- 1 block of feta cheese
- 2 eggs
- an onion, sliced thin
- salt and pepper
- filo dough
- butter or olive oil

Mix all ingredients (except filo) in a large bowl. lay out a few sheets of filo, coat them lightly with melted butter, lay them in a pan so that their edges drape over the sides and hang onto the counter or table. pour the mixture into the pan on top of the filo and fold the edges up and over the spinach mixture. lay one or two more butter coated sheets on top. bake for about an hour at 350 degrees......... yum.

here is a little (+ growing) collection of rail road goodies that lives on our front porch:I think that these will eventually make it out into the back yard and be part of our Artist's garden. today I'm running running running errands, getting things done and organized, hanging out in the building and planning potlucks and tag sales----- which apparently is a northeastern term, nobody knows what a tag sale is here..... surprising. Alright, well I must go and send some fibers force email.
here are up coming events:

- This Wednesday, May 14th --- Fibers Potluck-- open to all 8pm at the building

- Saturday May 24th-- Tag Sale (yard, garage sale.....)/ recycling collection at my house. all are welcome to participate (406 e. 35th street 10-3)

- Saturday May 24th --- Birthday/potluck dinner for Brooke, Tommy + Molly at our house 8-11pm.

- Saturday May 31st--- Market Bizarre 8-2pm at the old sears parking lot. this is also scad graduation day and a big moving day, but all are welcome to participate in the bizarre if thy would like. get in touch with me between now and then.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rainy Day Part I

It's been storming all morning, I got up at 7 due to one of the loudest thunder clapps of all time!! Riva get's really scared during storms, so she (and I) spent most of the morning snuggeling in my closet. here is a particularly cute picture that I took of her when she finally came out and got up on the bed:

still looking a little worried........

today is one of those days in which I'm determined to start and finish a couple of projects... the most daunting of which may be going thru all of my files on the SCAD network and organizing/backing them up. spring cleaning now includes cyber-space.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Imig Project

Alright.... well, I'm supposed to be doing cad now. BUT, I just got distracted by some recent posts on Cori Imig's blog.... here are a few particularly great Imig responses. fore more click on the Cori Imig link in my list of links on the left.

Texture Mapping

In CAD class we're working on texture mapping, which is a bit tedious but very cool. Below is an image of one of my patterns texture mapped onto that brown chair up there. Today I'm hoping to make a few more and get my file all finished up for tuesday.

I'm working really hard to get everything in line and ready to go, because next weekend I will be flying up to New York with some other Fibers people for SURTEX, a huge fabric and surface design trade show. We fly in on Friday, set up on saturday and then work the show on sunday, monday and tuesday. I'm getting real excited about it, and the change of scenery---- much as I love it here. ALSO: my mom, dad and sister will be in the city for the stationary show, so I'll get to see them which will be FANTASTIC.
so, in the mean time........... there is much much to be done. we have 3 weeks left of school!!!!! WEEHAW. it is really true that at a certain point life speeds up and passes you by faster than you could ever even fathom as a child. pretty thrilling.

if you need a good book, go + find "Messy Thrilling Life" by Sabrina Ward Harrison.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008


could we possibly be blessed with better turn-out?


This past week has been such a full one, probably due to it being midterms.... Already! But all is well. Those are some seed pods that I knit up there for 3d. Working on making for myself, it's so different than making for others and just making in general. In making these seeds I was focusing and thinking about the 4 yoga agreements:

1) be impeccable with your word

2) don't take anything personally

3) don't make assumptions

4) always do your best

it takes a lot of focus to really internalize and put these things into every aspect of your life.... but I'm working on it.

This weekend, my friend Jessica is out of town and Murray, her AMAZING dog, is having a sleepover ALL WEEKEND!! Could I be more excited? No, not really.

here's Murray + Reeves snoozing on the bed.

well, heres to a lovely weekend.