Friday, May 23, 2008

post new york

New York was wonderful, such a nice combo of working the show and wandering the city. I stayed with some old + dear friends of my parents, right around the corner from the Javitts Center. here is a shot of our booth at SURTEX.... and there is Karin hanging things up!
It was really interesting to talk to all sorts of industry people and see what is going on in the surface design world. we made a lot of good connections with companies looking to hire young designers and artists, which are sure to come round and provide great opportunities for the sweet folks in the fibers department. here are Pam +Cayewah, shortly after we learned that the SCAD ICFF booth was going to win an award (Best Design School!!! hooray hooray) how wonderful to be recognized for doing truly good work. we are all exceptionally proud. here is a picture of the ICFF booth as well.........
Home in Savannah, the SCAD fashion show was a sweeping success, and was particularly praised for the STUNNING nano-felted backdrop by David Frank, a huge success + beautiful piece of work. check out this link to see some pictures:
also, there are pictures and videos of the process on the fibers dept. blog which is in the link column on the left. FIBER FIBER FIBER. well, I have to go do some errands and then FINALS. OY VEY. but life is undeniably, very good.

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