Saturday, May 10, 2008

Texture Mapping

In CAD class we're working on texture mapping, which is a bit tedious but very cool. Below is an image of one of my patterns texture mapped onto that brown chair up there. Today I'm hoping to make a few more and get my file all finished up for tuesday.

I'm working really hard to get everything in line and ready to go, because next weekend I will be flying up to New York with some other Fibers people for SURTEX, a huge fabric and surface design trade show. We fly in on Friday, set up on saturday and then work the show on sunday, monday and tuesday. I'm getting real excited about it, and the change of scenery---- much as I love it here. ALSO: my mom, dad and sister will be in the city for the stationary show, so I'll get to see them which will be FANTASTIC.
so, in the mean time........... there is much much to be done. we have 3 weeks left of school!!!!! WEEHAW. it is really true that at a certain point life speeds up and passes you by faster than you could ever even fathom as a child. pretty thrilling.

if you need a good book, go + find "Messy Thrilling Life" by Sabrina Ward Harrison.

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