Friday, May 2, 2008


This past week has been such a full one, probably due to it being midterms.... Already! But all is well. Those are some seed pods that I knit up there for 3d. Working on making for myself, it's so different than making for others and just making in general. In making these seeds I was focusing and thinking about the 4 yoga agreements:

1) be impeccable with your word

2) don't take anything personally

3) don't make assumptions

4) always do your best

it takes a lot of focus to really internalize and put these things into every aspect of your life.... but I'm working on it.

This weekend, my friend Jessica is out of town and Murray, her AMAZING dog, is having a sleepover ALL WEEKEND!! Could I be more excited? No, not really.

here's Murray + Reeves snoozing on the bed.

well, heres to a lovely weekend.

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Cristina said...

the four agreements- heck yeah! Thank you for the reminder, lovely! I love love love your seed pods- gosh I'm in awe of your mind and your hands!