Monday, May 12, 2008

Brooke Day

It's Brooke's Birthday!!!!!!! Chris and I are meeting (in secret!) make her a spinach pie at 2:00. hopefully she won't read this too soon!!!

here is the recipe:
-2 cups of chopped spinach
- 1 block of feta cheese
- 2 eggs
- an onion, sliced thin
- salt and pepper
- filo dough
- butter or olive oil

Mix all ingredients (except filo) in a large bowl. lay out a few sheets of filo, coat them lightly with melted butter, lay them in a pan so that their edges drape over the sides and hang onto the counter or table. pour the mixture into the pan on top of the filo and fold the edges up and over the spinach mixture. lay one or two more butter coated sheets on top. bake for about an hour at 350 degrees......... yum.

here is a little (+ growing) collection of rail road goodies that lives on our front porch:I think that these will eventually make it out into the back yard and be part of our Artist's garden. today I'm running running running errands, getting things done and organized, hanging out in the building and planning potlucks and tag sales----- which apparently is a northeastern term, nobody knows what a tag sale is here..... surprising. Alright, well I must go and send some fibers force email.
here are up coming events:

- This Wednesday, May 14th --- Fibers Potluck-- open to all 8pm at the building

- Saturday May 24th-- Tag Sale (yard, garage sale.....)/ recycling collection at my house. all are welcome to participate (406 e. 35th street 10-3)

- Saturday May 24th --- Birthday/potluck dinner for Brooke, Tommy + Molly at our house 8-11pm.

- Saturday May 31st--- Market Bizarre 8-2pm at the old sears parking lot. this is also scad graduation day and a big moving day, but all are welcome to participate in the bizarre if thy would like. get in touch with me between now and then.

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mgl studio said...

I'll try to make the tag sale and birthday party.....