Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ed Sullivan. Ed Sullivan. We're gonna be on Ed Sullivan!

well, actually FOX news!! It's all happening this Friday at 7:15 am! Members of the Fibers departement (including yours truly) will be interviewed by a reporter from Fox about our work, SCAD fibers and the Market Bazaar!!! I really didn't think that national TV was going to be part of the deal, but things are happening every day! I'm getting really excited about the Bazaar, it's this Saturday 8am-2pm and is going to be a great community event. I'm really proud that we get to be a part of it. This is the first time that something like this has been done here in town. I just met with Jake and Miriam Hodesh-- a young couple who just moved her from Boston-- who are running the whole thing. If the Bazaar is a success, they would like to do it once a month. Very cool. I'm bussily getting all my prayerflags folded and my notecards sorted....... I accidentally ordered the WRONG size baggies from Very annoying, but at least it is causing me to get a little creative with the packaging... lucky customers.

Aside from all that, things are going great. We decided to stay in our house, which is wonderful and a big relief. The idea od moving AGAIN and getting all setteled in AGAIN was not one I was too excited about. This is the FIFTH week of school, and therefore we're half way done already. There is much much to be done in the next month though.

Right now I'm in the middle of my tropical resort meets 1960s mod meets molly patterns. here is the one that is done:

In 3d, we're doing a looping unit and I'm exploring some NEW KNITTING TECNIQUES!! Including FINALLY learning to read a pattern, and making a baby sweater. (sneak peak? Sweaters by Betty+Isabel???) hmmm.

Alright, well I really need to go off and print some lables. On top of it all, it is SPRING, totally glorious weather. Hooray Hooray.


Janelle Proulx said...

hey Molly it's Janelle. I started up my blog!!

MOLLY! said...

awesome!!! send me the link + I'll add it to the list!! xoxo