Monday, April 7, 2008


right after I posted last week's blog, I got a call from Laura (one of my room mates). She was parked on the very top story of a parking garage and her car wouldn't start. I drove up there (abandoning my fears of such garages!) and we some how managed to jump start her car. Photo documentation of such an event is essential. below are our cars. above is a nice birds eye view shot of York Street.
since then, life has been significantly calmer. I'm getting into the new groove and it is fabulous. The weekends are really weekends, for the first (and probably only!) time ever. Pretty sweet. I'm loving CAD class. I think I might want to go into surface design after all! here is the repeat unit of my first pattern:
it's not completely colored yet........ But this little piece gets repeated as many times as needed to fill a space. I'll be sure to show you a bigger chunk later on.

I'm off to babysit Lyla. greatest baby of all time. xox

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