Saturday, April 12, 2008

southern weekend

well, this weekend is nice and easy going. savannah looks like a garden. everyone is out + about. I just walked into town and am doing some pre-work for new designs.... I am supposed to be coming up with 4 patterns which blend the styles of 1960's mod and tropical resort. this should be interesting. good lord.

I found this flower on the walk over here. I would really like to learn more about plants. also birds. and rocks. someday someday.

here is a list of what's ahead:

April 26 8am-2pm
the market place bizarre: I will have a booth with NEW STUFF in the old sears parking lot, which is on the corner of bull and henry. come by as part of the sidewalk arts festival!

May 17 11am-4pm
we're doing another trunk show. Brooke and I just started planning last night.
406 east 35th street. if you would like to show your work, let me know. we will be printing posters in the next week or two. I would like to include as many artists as possible. (912-660-2812---> give a call!)

***There will be a summer show! probably late july. probably at my parent's house 44 N.farms rd. Florence. updates to follow.


*** The website will be launched. I promise. there is no reason not to do it. expect it up in a few weeks. (let's say two and then I'll hustle and get it done.)

much love.

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MOLLY! said...

um, yeah right about the website in 2 weeks......... someday. I promise.