Friday, July 4, 2008

bang bang bang, july fourth

oh happy day! this morning I met up with Djerba, of REPRODEPOT, at the warehouse in easthampon! let me tell you, it was a fabulous fabric candy store experience. here is just a bit of the goods that I came home with

***tons of Kaffe Fassett, Alexander Henry, Robert Kauffman and japanese imports! amazing, beautiful stuff..... so amazing + exciting that today just had to be the day that I bought a BRAND NEW SERGER!! a serger is an incredibly useful + practical type of sewing machine which cuts a nice straight edge and binds the fabric in a cute little finished edge!!!! MAJOR TIME SAVER, and majorly helpful in creating neat, clean seams! Placemats, pillowcases, bags.... are on the way, in a mojor way!

I had a day off from work on tuesday and went shopping for display racks + cases, one of the coolest finds was this formerr casette tape shelf from salvation army ($3)

which just so happens to be the perfect note card showcaser. cool cool cool......... good old SalvArmani.

feeling pretty ready and excited for the first of the BOLTWOOD MARKET days, which is tomorrow. I just finished making these magnets. they're mostly composed from things I founf on the street. I'm still waiting for the right title to come up.

some ideas= starland district magnets, east side magnets, jefferson park neighborhood magnets, e. 35th street magnets ---- probably one of the latter two.

hope we see you tomorrow at the market 9am-1pm.

oh yeah, happy 4ththhthththhhhhhhhhhhhhh of july. hope it's been grand.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness! That thing is the perfect display case for you! How great is that!?