Saturday, July 5, 2008

Early Morning Rain

well, even after we had packed up the car to a T last night, we all decided that this was not good weather in which to do an outdoor show ! SO, we won't be going to the Boltwood Market today. oh well, maybe next week. right now, I'm prewashing fabric! + getting ready for a relaxing day of FUN errands and design work. hooray for saturday.
much love.

[1. be impeccable with your word
2. don't take anything personally
3. don't make assumptions
4. always do your best]


Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful!
Hope you're having a great summer! Are you in town? If you are, we need to get together!
Do you have anything big planned for Fall quarter? I think I'm going to try to head a collaborative project. (Medium Scale, not something huge, but hopefully noticeable). Sound interesting?
<3 Erica

MOLLY! said...

Hey Sweetie--
what kind of project?!?!? sounds interesting+ fun! I'm in massachusetts for another month or so. but we'll have to get together as soon as I get back! and don't you worry........ we are nearing the season of limitless potlucks in 406! xoxo M