Thursday, July 17, 2008


well, I finally sit + write to you on what is not only the 17th day of july, but is also PIJAMA DAY in group A! We all sported our favorites.... some of which were quite fab and well coordinated! (my personal favorite was the cinderella night gown, with matching cinderella socks and a suspiciously cinderella-ish headband AND some magical golden slippers!) I wore some pj pants that I bought las week, thinking I could wear them as regular pants anyways + an old t shirt of Tim Shafer's.
ANYWAYS, much much in the way of news+ happenings. let's see:

well, last weekend we went to the Boltwood Market to find no one else in sight... we set up just the same and sat around a while until someone actually tried to STEAL something. oy vey. at that point, we went home......... I think we may infact skip it this week. check back here for an official update tomorrow.

In the way of good news: I bought a serger, which just arrived on monday! I've been wanting one for years and this puppy is everything I could have wanted... EVER. and we're chugging along, getting ready for the BIG SUMMER TRUNKSHOW!!!!!!! I've been working on some new repeats and making new(+ somewhat chic!) new cards out of them. for example:

little birds for cards + here is a little piece from an old repeat...... recognize it? black + white is impeccably in right now...Also, I've been making some little prints of my drawings. here is a draing which I did a while back as a study for an entirely peach based project......this is just a little section:

much love + hope you're laying out someplace, enjoying these beautiful long summer days.

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