Sunday, May 8, 2011

taking a breath

my non-work life has been needing a little TLC.
this weekend I was able to take a little breather...

I hung up a beautiful print by my friend Janelle Proulx and a pretty glass lantern that Amy Darlene Fairly gave me a few birthdays ago. (and now I like my bathroon a lot better.)

I did ALL of my laundry and made the bed.

home made pizza! complete with some fresh rosemary and parsley from Cookie Tenenbaum's garden.

And Riva got a nice bath... much to her dismay while it was happening, but she feels pretty good now!

* * *

Its important to take a deep breath sometimes. Especially when your life tends to look like this at the end of any given day.....

all good things, but my goodness, what a lot of them!

this weekend has felt very good.

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