Friday, June 5, 2009

Senior show, moving....UPdates!

These are the postcards from the fibers senior show which was BEAUTIFUL + last week!

We're all moved in!!! Lynsey, Jill, Dom, Derrick, TJ, Inu and + spent a very HOT muggy sunday moving into our new place! I have a few things over at the old house still, but for the most part we're all done! Perhaps the very best part of the house-- aside from that it is OURS!! is that we have a studio! in which I plan to get to work, at long last!

My good friend Flannery has moved in for a few weeks while she works on a special project! GET THIS: Andre Leon Tally-- editor in chief of VOGUE came thru durring the fibers senior show and loved all the work. As it all pans out, he is taking Flannery, Lizzie, Iona and Cherise along with Cayewah to NY to meet Vera Wang, Ruben and Isabel Toledo and other fashion people..... OH MY!
I guess you really never know what is going to happen next!!

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