Friday, September 18, 2009


I feel perfectly calm until I think of the dozen or so people who I have neglected to call back in the past week. I love you. it has been a little bit of a constant week here in savannah GA.
School started, History of Fabric is good and more reading than I think I have managed to do in the past 3 years!
La La LOOP is marching right along! Jill and Lynz came over to the Y on tuesday and the kids all said " how come you all got that thing in your nose....???" -- referring to all three of our noses being pierced and indeed, having something in them! Cayewah refers to our house as the "pierced nose palace"

I've started up working at the store again too... it has been real fun to reconnect with everyone there. Especially my buddy Jerry who is now the assistant store manager. I am of course always going on + on about Loop It Up and I learned the other day that Jerry started a whole LIBRARY in Tennessee with simmilar intentions as LOOP! He used to manage a Barnes and Noble store. At may book stores, when a book or magazine "expires" they tear off the cover and throw out the body of the book. YIPES! sounds terrible, but it is routine policy in the US of A. Jerry got permission from BN and began saving the coverless books. He began sending them to kids who read the books, and then drew covers of their own! Eventually, they built an entire library which is housed in a prison some where in rural Tennessee.
I am reminded again of this movie which I still haven't seen that Marie Frank told me about --- The Gleaners and Me -- about those of us who live or work off of the things that other people leave behind.

So, we'll be easy from now on.

I am hoping that the coming week is made of well spent days. I am pretty certain that it will be.

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