Saturday, November 8, 2008

well well WELL

I write to you again after MUCH MUCH ADO! I find myself here in Savannah with 2 weeks left of school. how nuts it has been.
but thankfully:

1. Barack OBAMA has been elected president and as my darling and oldest friend Meg said to me on election night " we can all rest easy tonight"

2. kate, brooke, laura the pups + i are happily settled into our new apartement on waldburg street and the mania of the surprise move has pretty much passed us by.

3. bubbie is a wonderful wonderful animal.... woof woof woof

4. I'm creating a totally new kind of work! much much inspired by embellished surfaces class and the divinely inspired Pamela Wiley. pictures soon, i promise. [not that you have any real reason to trust me about posting soon anymore!!!!!! but this is a NEW LEAF!]

5. loop it up SAVANNAH is off to a great start. we started classes for 5-10 year olds at the YMCA last week and I am absolutely in LOVE with them. and knitting.
****be involved!

6. just 2 weeks left of school!

7. there is cayewah. there is despina. there is pam. there is amy. there are many many dear dear people in this world.

8. there is hope and there has been progress. it's very good to be here.

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