Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final Days In SAVANNAH 2008

***** yeah, this pretty much sums it up...

hey gang---

what a time. after everything was said and done --- and that includes school, knitting classes, a fabulous opening for Anna Keck's thesis show, $70 of bank fees cleared by the wonderful Jessica Littlejohn and FOUR hours at the laundromat--- all we could manage to do with ourselves was go out to Oatland Isalnd and walk around the nature center -- the animals were awesome..... this was followed by pulled pork sandwiches at ANGEL's BBQ, a viewing of Lars and the REAL GIRL and just a little bit of PBR.

I left Savannah the next morning, drove to Richmond (really good drive, 95 has just been paved-- the Carolinas were a breeze!) and stayed over with my dear friend Joellen. while we were there, Riva got to try on this awesome piggy costume!

not sure she liked it as much as we did! that's BUDDY, Joellen's dog in the background... he really isn't as scary as he looks here!
ANYWAYS, back in Northampton NOW.
busteling around. more on that tomorrow. thanksgiving day!

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