Wednesday, September 10, 2008


there are these mornings when I lay in bed and my heart feels like this. today was certainly one of them.

back in Savannah, how sublime. I got here last tuesday. Ever since, I've been cleaning my house, hanging out with some good friends and all of the dogs and just being here.

I've been making lots: for the clawfoot tub in Amherst mass. for essentials in Northampton mass. for specific people and for myself. here are some table runners.... my new favorite thing to make:

front and back..... REVERSIBLE--- pour qua pas?

I started a new book--- one that Brooke made for me a few birthdays back. I'm going to try to do a page every day. one intentional page. next monday school starts, I'm more excited about it than ever. I'll be taking two classes. Screen printing and embellished surfaces. I'm trying to make space for all the pieces that I want at this point. I'm working on calming down and getting back to the garden, of my dreams, thoughts, ideas and wonderings. It, like my real back yard needs a little slow attention. (like slow food. slow craft. everything that we make by hand everything that we know by heart.)

here is a kid painted OBAMA from massachusetts. ... what a fall this shall be.


mgl studio said...

Good to see the Obama painting on the web! Have a great weekend-

Anonymous said...

Good golly miss Molly! You'd think with all the free time you've had this quarter you would be keeping us up to date! Geez, it's not like you moved or anything!
Hope to see you return to blogging soon (I'm getting bored out here by myself)!
<3 Erica