Friday, December 12, 2008


hey gang---

all is well in trunkshow land....

the show is tomorrow!!

11am- 4pm 59 massasoit street northampton--- the WICK's house!!
***there will be a neighboring show at Lynn Madison's big orange house.... right across the street! 12-5pm
more local art! more good friends!
good news:
1. rachel wick just got into SMITH!!!
2. jenny scheerer is soon to have baby # 2!!
3. the nields + the black rebels are playing at the IRON HORSE tomorrow night.... NOT together, but at 7 + 10 pm respectivly. I hope to go to both. I hope you come too! [ "we're gonna laugh and we're gonna dance. I'm gonna hold you like my only chance..."]
4. it's december, we're getting a new deal for christmas and everything is going to be just fine!!
5. BARACK OBAMA!!! I'm still not over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. the show! tomorrow! see you then!!!

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