Monday, December 29, 2008

LOOP IT UP news....

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I just wanted to post the email that I sent around to the fibers dept concerning loop it up

if you would like to get involved or need more info contact me or check out the blog--

here is the letter:

I'm trying to get a sense of how many people are interested in helping with the Loop It Up Savannah program which we started last quarter. There are several parts of this project with which we could really use your help.

The first is of course, teaching knitting and/or crocheting classes to local kids at the YMCA. I'm still working out logistics, but we will probably structure the class schedule much as we did this past fall. there would be a group which meets mon/wed 4:30-5:45 and another group which meets tues/thurs 4:30-5:45. ideally, teachers would be available on both days in the set... but we can work things out to fit your schedule. Classes are off to a great start and the kids are really really great! we mostly just need more teachers!

If you are unable to help with teaching, but would still like to be part of this project let me know!! We could use help with a handful of things, some even as easy as roling yarn balls! I'm hoping to make some loop it up bags for the kids to store their knitting stuff in-- early on in the quarter, before classes start and also, I would like the incorperate a "stitch diary" componant into the class--- sort of a process book, sketchbook, work book thing for them to get involved in and be proud of................ I'd LOVE some help with ideas for this and with actually putting the books together.

thank you thank you! official sign up sheets will be available when we get back to school, but I'm trying to get the word out nice + early, so that we can really get going with this ASAP. please pass this along to anyone that you think might be interested!

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