Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturday can be a good good day.

Today has been lovely.

I work up to Jilly cleaning the house. De-dogging is a very important piece of the week for us--- we're again up to three.
And to a chilly, surprisingly autumnal morning! Riva and Topo and I took a nice long walky-walk in which we did not break into a sweat! probably the las time THAT happened was last winter in Massachusetts!

We went to the farmers market, the bean, brighter day....... all the best places for a saturday morning.

In cool weather, there is nothing better than cooking and making.... here are some pieces of dinner:

now; off to sew a little.
LOOP IT UP on Monday!! LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(we saw where the wild things are last night... it would appear...)

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mgl studio said...

YUM-- I'm going straight to the kitchen.