Thursday, November 19, 2009

don't want to think about what i don't have. just wanna worry bout what i got...

look at this cute thing that Jill found on!

I'm listening to the nields, slowly resurfacing from finals week + the compiled madness of it all.

Today is to be the beginning of a (hopefully productive) pretty exciting work week, before Riva and I head to MA. Pamy is flying back to the USA from France right now, so little Wiley will be heading back to the isalnd soon. I will be missing him! But it is going to be incredibly good to see Pamela! Lexi got back yesterday too!

Today, after we go out for a nice long walk will be a YMCA work day. We are planning to bring LOOP to two more locations in January... I need to start that process. Today, I'm planning to swing by the Gadsen Elementary School and the Hodge Memorial Daycare center. Both are near the YMCA and would be great places to build a materials center and give classes! (fingers crossed, about all that...)

Also, these next few days are for the making of as much as possible. We are having TWO holiday shows.

The first is DECEMBER 5 at Sarah and Hosie's
The second is DECEMBER 13 at the WICKS!

Every day is for the making of as much as possible, but especially the next 5.

one of the beautiful Gee's Bend Quilters said, "take what you have and make what you want."

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