Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am finally surfacing from what has been an exceptionally long, exciting, wonder-filled, eventful and exhausting 2 months.

The last time I managed to write something on here was in december - freezing cold, making things in Massachusetts. Since then, I have been back in Savannah, mostly working at the YMCA and on my NEW BOOK - The Loop It Up Savannah Project: Making a Fiber Art After School Program in Your Town!

it's finally done!
this has been an exceptionally challenging project for me. I had long planned to make this book, but because of a priceless oppurtunity to go to the American Craft Council Show with the book, the writig and making had to SPPPEEED up, more than I can even believe actually happened!

The past few months have been nearly entirely devoted to this project. I finished the first edition last thursday. We have printed two copies which I made into hand bound books with incredible covers by the kids! These books will travle with me to Baltimore this week. We will soon be printing a larger edition, which will be available for $25 a copy!

oh my the world wizzes past, doesn't it? for more specific info on LOOP IT UP, you can visit the blog :

OTHERWISE, I have been here in SAV. We recently had our very first Fibers Open Studio in the NEW BUILDING. Very lovely and HUGE event!

This is a sweet little felted pony that one of the girls made in INTRO

Lexa and Lynzo with the color wall - what a dream!

JJ petting one of my quilts.... this was for Pamela!

As we were leaving the building at the end of the night, it actually started SNOWING! here in SAVANNAH GA. Cayewah got this great shot of Lyla.
Her first snow!

The very next day, we had the First Annual LOVE DAY trunkshow at Fabrika!
Cutest day ever.... FREEZING, but adorable!

Now I'm laying in my bed with RIVA, trying to recover from a nasty cold (which very politely waited until AFTER the book was done!) we, well not riva but me! leave for Baltimore and ACC on tuesday! more frequent updates to follow! I can promise you that! xo


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