Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hello Dears--
I'm sitting here at Brooke's computer in our lovely (+ slightly rickity) house, finally taking some time to slow down and catch up. I started school on Monday and am quite excited about it all. The first project in my images on fabric class is to create a "color book," which is basically a book of swatches of dyed fabric........ about 400 of them! Thankfully, it's sunny and bright here and thinking about color is a completely natural thing to do! I expect to be spending the next week or so mixing dyes, so if and when you call, that's probably what I'll be doing! Earlier this evening I took my first Moldmaking and Slipcasting Ceramics class, which is going to be excellent... the first project os making a set of 12 coordinating cups and bowls. I have to admit, I'm a little terrified because CLAY is a completely new realm and I know absolutely nothing, always an interesting, scarry and wonderous place to be.

(I just had to put Oliver our puppy downstairs because he kept getting into the yarn basket..... oy vey. and oh god, I just heard that he pooped. it really never ends. NEVER!)
Anyway, we're all plotting along, Smera and I are planning a small pre-valentines day trunk show. it will be tiny tiny and in our living room! I'm excited to make these shows regular occurences and I'm hoping to spread the trend among other young artists.
love + have a happy day.


mgl said...

Love the house color! Will send valentines and recipes v. soon.

Cathy said...

Your blog is great! What interesting classes you will have this term. The recipients of the several items I purchased at your trunk show were delighted with their gifts! Thank you for your beautiful work.

Out trees are completely frosted, just like gingerbread houses, after yesterday's storm. I know you like the sunshine, but this has its own beauty!!

Look forward to reading more!