Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slowing Down

my oh my. I have been running around for the past week and finally, after tomorrow morning's class it's all going to settle down a bit. The project that I'm handing in tomorrow is a process study concerning the diverse behaviors of dye when mixed with or painted on different mediums. We all had to pick an illustration to "color-in" with the different kinds of dye. I picked this design that I made up a while back, which illustrates a song that my dear friend Sarah Pirtle wrote:

Oh, I bless this seed, so full of life.
Oh, I bless this seed, so full of life.
And I plant it, and I plant it in my heart.
And it flowers, forever more.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the slowing that I've been waiting for. It's getting really beautiful around here, sunny and almost seventy for a few days in a row! I am ging to just take some time to sit still tomorrow and feel the blooming. I hope you do too.

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mgl studio said...

Love that design and the slowing down idea!!!
Could also be a Valentine......