Sunday, February 3, 2008

F is for FIBER ( and February, too!)

Greetings All---
today is one of those exceptionally beautiful southern days, I've been out in a tank top, which even after all this tine, feel remarkable! IT'S FEBRUARY THIRD!!!!!!!!! February is a really exciting month for all of us here, the Fibers department is featured in ShopSCAD, a chic boutique of student, faculty and alumni work. ASLO: we have out open studio coming up in a few weeks... lot's of excitement surrounding that. I;m working on developing a good fundraiser for the fibers club, something easy and fun that could be made in mass quantities in just a few weeks. I was thinking that little pins with "Fiber is Good" or "I think I love fibers" or "F is for Fiber" might be a good idea. Cayewah suggested making a set of note cards with images from people's sketch and process books on the front. I think this is a marvelous idea as well, we would call them process cards. so, the next few weeks are going to be full of fabu studio production.

FIRST, however I'm doing a trunk show. It's next Saturday in my house on east 35th street. it will feature some really awesome work, including VALENTINES by Brooke Allen, Janelle Proulx, Jessica Rogers, Lexi Paladino, Mim Shafer, Marsha Lieberman ans Me. Books, earrings, cards, dog leashes, hats. ipod cases, magnets, flags and more. If you are in town, stop by. it should be a really good day.
I was going to post my 2008 Valentines on the etsy site, but have decided not to because I have a limited number of sets and I want to be sure that there is enough for the show. BUT, if you-- mostly Northampton Folks--- would like to buy a set, let me know and I can send them. The picture above is of the two types that I've made-- they each are made from beautiful canson paper and have decorative paper hearts stitched on and one of two simple messages. I wrote "Soul Journey" on the red ones because those colors reminded me of luminous old maps. "Milagro," the message on the yellow cards, means miracle in spanish. Each set has 4 cards and envelopes, you may choose a combo set, a soul journey set or a milagro set.

Alright, I have to go do a little image research. Happy super-bowl sunday.... Brooke and Chris and I are making spinich pie and Baklava and then going over to my friend Jessica's house for a potluck dinner, during which the game will most likely, not be watched...... enjoy your day, football or not, I hope it's glorious.

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mgl studio said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Valentines. I like the proccess book card idea alot, and the button-- maybe the word fiber could be embroidered or made of fuzzy stuff. Just that word could be a good button too.