Friday, February 29, 2008

At Long LAST!

Hello Dears--
well, this has been quite a full few weeks. I don't think that any of us here have stopped and looked around until for quite some time!!! I finally did yesterday, and spent the whole day working on my back yard. It was totally dumpy, years of fallen debris and leaves. I've been wanting to clean it up for monthes. Yesterday was the day. It's so wonderful to be outside and doing soemthing so gross motor, rather than the detailed work that I love, but am feeling a little pent up doing, because I'm doing it so constantly now. I feel so much freer for having spent yesterday well.
Things are winding down here, we had our Fibers Open Studio last week, it was spectacular, the building was wall papered with beautiful work and there were so many people there soaking it up. Now we're at that AMAZING point that happens right before finals get crazy. I feel so calm and capable, just one project to do in each class........ hopefully a sentiment that will walk me thru the next two weeks!
Riva is finally doing better, the incision is healing up nicely. I brought her to a different vet who is really great and helping us out a lot!
I'm starting to work on some story scarves, for my images on fabric final. each scarf is about a different person who I feel very close with, one way or another. These scarves will be dyed, sewn, embroidered and otherwise embellished.... lots of cool stuff attached. I'm looking, yet again, at the work of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson which is so great and full of narritives. My mom bought me her most recent book "Symphonic Poem," a few years ago and it has launched several of my recent projects.
I have spoken to many of you lately about the tragic loss of my camera cord, which is preventing me from posting lots of pictures of the goings on. I promise that I will soon buy another one. I promise.
I'm adding a few new links, blogs of friends and the such. I hope you check them out and love them. Alrighty-oh. onward with the day. much much to do. I'm trying out two new home made breads this afternoon! Semolina and Maple Nut!
love to you all. come to Savannah, it's sunny and beautiful.

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