Saturday, March 1, 2008


I can't believe it. March First...... we went to the beach! It was one of those days, so glorious, that I thought I would just explode!! Brooke and I just watched "Swing Time," the Fred and Ginger movie and now I'm getting ready to do a little work, because I didn't do any at all yet today. I'm going home to start my story scarves and plot a nice dinner for tomorrow. We've started doing nice dinners every sunday night to keep ourselves calm in anticipation of monday! Tomorrow I'm making spegetti and meatballs. I've never made meatballs before. Adam says he likes small ones. And lot's of them..... so I will be profecting my small ball rolling skills and further abandoning my fear of raw meat. heres to that.

love you all so.

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ashleigh spurlock said...

Molly I have a great link for you to check out for some recipes or just some inspiration. Sunday is our dinner date night too. perfect time to get ready for monday.... check this out its all vegetarian but if you need it you can always throw in some meat.