Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cards and Stamps

Here is something thrilling: I have decided to buy
a) a self inking Betty+Isabel Homegrown Products Stamp!

b) PRINTED bussines cards! One side will say BETTY+ISABEL homegrown products. The other will say: Read:

VERY EXCITED about all that because it will cut down ENORMOUSLY on time! Also, it's the first step towards "mass" production. my oh my. you can expect to see it all within the next few weeks.

while we're on the topic of the new and cool:
My Mom (Marsha Lieberman) and I are sharing a booth in the JFK middle school's crafts fair, which is on April 12th at the school! I'm not quite sure about the timing, but I will certainly post it when I find out. There will be Tiny Pintings and Notecards from Mummay and books, prayerflags, spring knits, scarves, notecards, ********NEW**** FABRIC BRACELETS!! from me. Go check it out, there is sure to be much fine work by local artists.

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