Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Some lil things I've been cooking up down here...

Well, it all began last Thursday. We FINALLY had a critique in my ceramics class. It was the first of the entire term. it went quite well, one of the neatest projects was by my friend Annalise. She made molds of legos, cast them in clay and built a castle out of the pieces. Inside, she places casts of random objects, like pieces of fruit and a baby doll head..... very cool, fantasy world that I wanted to play in. If you are in town. go check it out in the ceramics department.
This critique was followed by a delicious steak, made by Adam, who is secretly quite an excellent chef! (much to my joy and elation) I really love steak. I really need to learn how to cook it better, I usually dry it out. (Suggestions????)

Friday was the beginning of the Saint Patrick's Day Bonanza weekend. The Parade started at 11 am. Laura and I ventured out to watch. it was amazing, I think that all of Savannah was out on the streets to watch. People were so happy (most of them incredibly drunk) and it is so amazing to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of jolly people. Before we knew it Laura and I were bestowed with some green bling, and we didn't even kiss anyone. I promise. We watched the whole parade, and then headed home to FINALLY relax and just HANG OUT!!!!! WEE HAW. I made a gigantic plate of cookies and started working on these fabric bracelets that I've been working on in my head for a while. They are made from strips of linen with patches of upholstery fabric that Sydne Didier of Essentials (Northampton/Amherst) gave me a few months ago. I'm really excited to finally be putting them into production, because they are the first really new item I've made in a while. I think that they will be called The Essential Ali+Lex, because they are SO the type of thing that my friends Ali Schiek and Lexi Paladino would wear. And I have long wanted to make something a la those two. (if you know them, you will know why!)

More pictures and more about Spring break to follow. I promise. (so many promises, fulfilled and to be fulfilled, I swear!)


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