Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hello Dears, far and near!

today has been an absolutely scintillating day so far. my friends Jason and Joellen are down here visiting from Virginia. we had a fabulous weekend hanging out and catching up with them.... inbetween million hour stretches of homework! This morning, Laura made pancakes and we all (including Reeves!) ate together while blasting Fleetwood Mac. It is an exceptionally beautiful day her in GA. (I feel like I write that here all the time, and I promise that it's true.)

I just finished putting all of the pieces of my story scarves in the steamer! Which is the final step, it sets the dye, before washing them out. I really wanted to show you some pictures, but I still have no money and have not bought a new camera cord. BUT! I promise I will just make some scans of the scarves later today when they're dry. It's awesome to be this close to the end of the quarter. we're all trucking along. I expect to be mostly done by tonight!
today begins this great week of visitors from the north! Ian is arriving here today, with the Yale Frisbee team! They rent this huge bungalow out of Tybee, where they hide out and talk frisbee. I am however, planning to snatch him away for a few hours! Later this week Elena gets here! and then next week LEAH! and ELIAS! and JULIE!!! I could not be more excited to just sit and soak them up. I promised Riva that there will be lots of outtings and dates with Murray over the next week. Whenever I leave the house with big bags of stuff, clearly headed for hours at school, she gives me this look......... so I promised her that there will be constant hanging out and a lot of treats as soon as all this craziness is over.

Also, over break I'm hoping to get some serious studio work done! It's time to develope some new spring products. I'm working on warm (new england spring) weather knit scarves. so far they're made out of beautiful naturally dyed Patagonia cotton, which is my ABSOLUTE favorite yarn. I'm planning on embelishing them with some flowers out or fabric I've dyed and stitched. la la la. how about just finishing school first though!
love to you all. and hello hello hello in particular to LEXI and AMY. And to Ashleigh: I love you anyway.

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