Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ordinary town

dave carter + tracy grammer said, " raised on punches and junk food lunches and punch-drunk ballroom steps. you get to believin you're even- steven with the kids at fast track prep. so you dump your bucks on a velvet tux and run and join the dance. but your holy shows and the romans know you're just a child of circumstance..."

jenny lewis says, "it's fifteen miles to the promised land and i promise you i'm doing the best i can."

natalie maines, martie mcguire and emily robinson say, "i'm taking the long way. taking the long way round."

bean + i just went and lay out in the rain. it is in these fleeting moments that i know that where ever you go, there you are. you are. you are. you are.

some people let their hair grow into dreadlocks because they don't want to interupt the natural systems, rhythms and patterns of their own being.

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