Wednesday, August 19, 2009

beaucoup de gâteaux

Today I had a good day of resting. I think that I went out twice all day, both to walk RIVA! Otherwise, napping-- trying to kick a NASTY summer cold, and making some new cards! I feel like these look like the birds eye view of some very fancy and ornately frosted cakes! They are made of fabric bits and enchanting machine embroidery from the stitch bank of WONDER on the Pamy Machine.

Gateau One. Front + back, too

Gateau two, front. back

Gateau three. front, back

It's been a good day, sometimes you have to get sick and feel really really yucky in order to realize how good you normally feel!! Back to my sweet little girls tomorrow.


Sharon T. said...

I love these little stitchings...they are so beautiful! I hope you do feel better when you wake up. Kisses for Riva.

Molly! said...

Thanks shari-ari. love you!