Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, how I love...

1. Eric Carle - check out his blog, it's new in the link section! Look!

2. How children can love a book or a game or a character so much that their entire little world revolves around it -- in it's realm and within it's vocabulary. This is a painting of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by a little boy in Portugal!

3. I was listening to NPR today in the car. I heard a story that made me cry. It was all about the interrogation of prisoners in the middle east. Today some reports were disclosed that make it pretty clear that there have been some horrible abuses of power conducted by the CIA. I can't remember the details, but the man who Barack Obama has placed in charge to further interrogations is planning to steer clear of the horror and go with another method-- taking the prisoners for long walks, getting to know them, making them comfortable enough to give information. I know that alot of people will think this is silly and that it will never work, but I think that it might. This might be the age in which we recall our humanity, as a whole.

4. Tracy Chapman wrote:

don't be tempted by a shiny apple
don't you eat of a bitter fruit
Hunger only for a taste of justice
Hunger only for a world of truth
cause all that you have is your soul

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