Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Work

*** This is a list I made to help with the concepts which will become the skeleton of my INVENTED BOOK:

I feel like putting this in print will help me to organize things in my mind. Seeing something in print makes it real. This is compiled from looking back over the list that we made on the first day of school and a few things that I’ve just thought up in my own time:

What is a book? A reference to something, a process, a collection, a product of ingredients, a compilation or organization of ideas, a story, a universe, a chronology, documentation of a period, a place to hold things, a place to sort things

What is the purpose of a book? Validation, record, influence, pressing on, a database – garden of my dreams, thoughts, ideas and wonderings

What is a page? A confined space,

What is the purpose of a page? Transmission, an organizational structure, a place in time, a place to show what you harvested, to wonder why and answer it

What is a spine? Critical?, skeleton, is it defining or not?

What is the purpose of a spine? To be influential – “small towns are the backbone of American society”, vertebrae, eggs don’t have spines—proof of existence, of having been born

What is a cover? A preview, compelling, window, projection, summary, a highlight, an excerpt—made more glorious as a consciously selected point of focus

What is the purpose of a cover? To engage, to embellish, to protect?, to be protected

What is a section or signature? A pile, a bundle, an idea, a common thread, elements, ingredient, connections

*** I think that this is more analytical and directly academic-ish than anything I have done in the past 3 years.

1. Specimens of a working heart
2. Specimens of a heart working
(a heart breaking work of staggering genius by Dave Eggers)
(How could I keep from singing – traditional folk song)
(one day you’ll see her and you’ll know what I mean. Take her or leave her, will still be the same… from a NICKEL CREEK song.
*** proof of existence, of being born. Things that I collect so that when there is nothing to feel I have a back stock, a safely blanket, a buffer against feeling nothing. )

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