Saturday, February 14, 2009

love day continued...

well, i really don't know whats wrong with this thing.
as I was saying:
it will be a button hole stitch book, with (hopefully... and if my energy holds up!) 8 signatures, each of 4 folios. this lands us with a total of 32 composed pages. I am getting close. The book will be called A YEAR IN THE GARDEN OF MY DREAMS THOUGHTS IDEAS AND WONDERINGS.... The materials that I collected were all created/found ascembled in the past year. it is important to keep records.

how will they remember us? well, by what we collect.

I've been dealing a lot with MATERIALS and COLLECTING
We've set up a Reggio style studio at the YMCA for the loop-it-up-sters. It's been amazing to see them learn + think about a studio... I've been asking them: what is a studio? what are materials? how do you use materials?

well, for more on that, you can visit the LOOP IT UP BLOG:

much love, i must press on with the book!

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